For anyone who runs a waterpark, life is full of challenges. At Cascade, we have the answers that will make it easier for you to focus on running your waterpark and creating an experience your customers will always remember.

Cascade is a trusted adviser and partner who understands your challenges and has the solutions to help you care for your slides so they will always perform at their best. Working close with a partner who values your attractions as much as you do makes it easier to always keep things running smoothly in your park. Our dedicated team has the expertise that you need.

Cascade offers a full range of waterslide services. We can tailor the right solutions for your waterslides, whether you need a new surface on your slide, assistance with waterslide management, permanently sealing leaking seams, or a fresh look for your attraction.  With best practices in new technologies and input from our expert composite technicians, we can restore confidence in your waterslides, and keep them performing year round without incident.