Cascade offers full waterslide maintenance services to our partners in the aquatics industry.  Everything from small chips and cracking to large fiberglass repairs can be repaired by our field technicians. Standards at Cascade are set by our composite experts from varying different backgrounds in fiberglass applications. 

We also provide polishing and waxing to remove the harmful build up from the gelcoat. The white chalky layer you see on the slide pictured on the right is caused by years of chemicals in your park's water building up and can cause your slides performance to decline, and it can eat away at the gelcoat, shortening the time before you need to have the waterslide re-gelcoated.   

Besides our yearly inspection and maintenance program we understand how short the season is for many parks, and how valuable time can be lost if a slide has an issue causing it to be shutdown. So we have a quick response team available to handle emergency repairs and get your rides back open as quickly, and safely as possible.  Our field teams are experienced waterslide specialists as well as seasoned fiberglass technicians.